The Team

Student Designers is a team of exciting people, equally passionate about design education and all with their own areas of personal interest.


Alex Barton

Alex founded Student Designers to help design students build their experience exposure and entrepreneurial skills. At university, Alex noticed that design students were not receiving the entrepreneurship training and experience they needed and over the next two years Alex developed what is now Student Designers.

In his little spare time he trains regularly at Yees Hung Ga Kung Fu.

Interests: Creative Entrepreneurship, Designer Founders, Business Modeling, Design in Action, Leadership & Personal Development.

Matt Stitt

Matt focuses on rethinking design education to build student confidence and allow them to make the most of their ideas. Working with industry and education, he develops workshops and tools that encourage design entrepreneurship and collaboration - because good ideas should be shared.

Outside of Student Designers he is at home in a workshop, in the hills mountain biking, or on a motocross track.

Interests: Product and Service Design, Making Ideas Happen, Social Entrepreneurship, Sketching and Making, Open Design.

Prateek Khare

Prateek came across Alex at an MBA conference and instantly connected through the common passion for entrepreneurship and promoting artistic freedom. Prateek brings with him the expertise of growing businesses and his role is to develop and implement various strategies to take Student Designers global.

When Prateek is not engrossed in MBA theories, he likes playing guitar, reading hacker news and surrounding himself with live music and great people.

Interests: Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Design and Art, Reframing Organizations, Human Aspects of Software Engineering, Rock and Roll

Neha Chhabra

Neha is enthusiastic about creativity and has been passionate about dance and choreography since childhood. She chose to pursue MBA after managing various roles in IT organizations for about five years. She formulates marketing and communication strategies for Student Designers, with the ideas interlinked with her passion for creativity.

When Neha is not engaged in work she likes travelling and exploring new places.

Interests: Innovative Marketing, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Business Management, Creativity and Arts