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I'm really conflicted with the event New Designers. I think what they offer is important but I can't get over the fact that it is so expensive.

There is a good chance that this event is responsible for a collective UK weight gain due to the mass cup cake sales in the art and design schools, just one of the many activities students engage in to raise the funding to attend these events.

It, of course, depends on where you travel from but graduates are paying between £500 and £700 to attend, including travel, accommodation and of course, ingredients for partying.

For me, I would struggle to justify spending £700 on a speculative marketing activity.

However, that's not the big issue. As we never get tired of hearing, the economy is having a bit of a hard time and one of the, government identified, ways to get out of this is our young makers.

This £700 per person and collective £1M+ could be put directly towards the personal and/or professional development of these designers.

These days, £700 is way more than you need to get started running a company. Even with the best business cards in the game at £400 for 500 you can still get going for £700.

This is the issue that irritates me the most.

OK, so I'm giving them a bit of a hard time and they do produce some success stories and they DO offer a single place for designers to meet with industry.

I must also point out that I did a talk there to promote design entrepreneurship because you can't really not go and I think that's the problem.

It was on the back of this, graduates' discontent of the value they get and the irritation from universities that we started exploring a way to create a better model that takes into account the recently graduated and the wider economy.

And so, we are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with Creative Scotland to create a designer showcase. Developed with the recently graduated designers at Gray's School of Art and championed by Alison Bell, New Fangled will showcase the best of Scotland's recently graduated designers.

Concentrating on those designers doing their own thing, be it a formal business or a side hobby, New Fangled will showcase their work and provide them with masterclasses they need to start their own business.

New Fangled will be run in early September and there will be much more on the details to come.

It will be free for designers to showcase. This is the most important variable for the development of the sustainable model to run the event. By making it free, the students will have more responsibility to design and setup their area.

The event will be supported by a mix of ticket sales, sponsorship, voluntary donations and the initial setup has been generously supported by Creative Scotland.

We are looking forward to working with the Scottish creative and education industry to promote the next generation of creatives working in Scotland.

We'll get back to you soon with more details but in the meantime, you can get more information by dropping us an email or tweet!

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