Ain't no sunshine when University's gone... apparently!

A blog post by posted on Jul 10th 2012, 12:11

I've returned home from University once again but this time it's different. Different because I'm at home for good and won't be returning to the Jagérmeister fuelled nights, Paget Arms' lock-ins (our local and favourite drinking establishment) and general feeling of freedom and independence that I know and love so well. It certainly is the end of an era but also the beginning of another.

I won't go too far into the process of moving back home after a year at University as it will only remind my mum of the hours she's spent washing all of my laundry. I know, I'm a bad son. Seven days later and there are still t-shirts being discovered that I thought I'd lost months ago and underwear that I'm pretty sure never belonged to me.

The day after my arrival back home I felt inspired to sort all the shit I had accrued over my four year stint at Loughborough. Wigs I had donned so I could barely resemble Edward Scissor-hands during Halloween, numerous empty folders I had purchased thinking "I'm going to be organised this year!" and of course the piles of notes that were supposed to be neatly presented within them. However, all the while I just wanted to climb on to the veranda in my room and set-up my 'work-station' for the next couple of months, this is where I spend my time working on Student Designers.

So where's the sun gone? I've been locked away in my room for the past couple of months re-designing Student Designers, longing for the summer sunshine at the end of the tunnel but instead it's just rained in Mediterranean style. At one point we were 10 minutes and an inch away from having a flooded house two days before leaving it. The waters even tried to steal my car…

I'm just glad Glastonbury wasn't on this year!

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