Airport was big - took a long (yawn) walk to reach the mile long Immigration check line.  Stamped : 14th September 2011 Heathrow.

I confess that I'd have felt so lost in UK, if not for my sister. Took the underground metro (tube) which was so much like Delhi Metro but very organized & tourist friendly in terms of informing passengers where does the next station connect to. It was underground for a long time and then I saw the greenery - wasn't any different from India or was it ? Not until I stepped out and the breeze hit me. My rational mind tried to relate road settings at Chiswick Park to Chandigarh colonization.... the thought dint last long. Jet lag , sleep, some more sleep and ....a little more sleep.

London is open, only Central London is a mess - Mumbai like. Lots of parks and people skip lunch to run. An interesting read , written by another activist  , my MBA batch-mate who has very neatly written about costs and money in UK - I still haven't figured out which is which coin.

17th September - Firstclass ticket for high speed rail was cheaper than the normal ticket - over 600 miles from London to Glasgow were covered in 4 hours ( with uninterrupted wi-fi ) - why was I not surprised !

Few notable observations about Glasgow :
  • Commercial Capital of Scotland : People are more friendly than in London
  • Punctuality - 10:00 am means 09:55 am and not even 10:01 am
  • There is NO dust at all. Everything looks so neat. 
  • People really value life - fire alarm goes off every now and then, even at 4 am, and the fire brigades arrive within 3 minutes to find out it was only smoke. But they are very particular about the process.
  • No one honks here except for odd ambulance or police van siren. 
  • Clyde river has more black water than Ganga
  • Tap water is what you drink 
  • Glasgow Central's Heilanman's Umbrella is beautiful. :)
  • Dogs never bark here, no really !
  • Lots of Porsche, Merc, BMW and all other cars. But then again, parking is costly so people walk a lot.
  • All bikes look beautiful because they have little more height and thicker tyres to sustain in snow.
  • Some of the Street Performers are very talented - the Bob Dylon guy with Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar and a temberane at his feet is super awesome !  (I feel lost without my Guitar - My playlist has Grunge Rock on repeat. Enough adrenaline pump for the itch will......)
  • Russel Peters lied ;) :  UK Culture is more informal and friendly than it is thought to be.

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