Alright, this one is about Life After Death........

Kidding, don't freak out ! 

December - Mumbai - Grant Road - Marine Drive - Moon Dance ! ......... "poetic"

Finished reading Dan Brown's "The lost symbol" (finally) and hence my cryptic mind wandering-wandering in monuments (read buildings - Mason effect) scanning for signs of mystery. Yes, words have definite long term impact on me, not all, but good-intelligently woven words !

I am not much of a movie person, but I saw 2 movies, back to back(yes my sister and I- here in the picture - always end up doing crazy stuff :P ) on Thursday- 3 idiots premier(18:45 at phoenix mills - nice watch- reminded me of my naughty-kiddish graduation days) followed by Avatar(21:45 at Metro) - and  discovered my very Indian roots and concepts being showcased in a "James Cameroon" 3-dimensional portrait. 

More than anything the movie(3-D Avatar) took me back to my childhood my grandma's bed stories of magic, healing power of words, the very Indian - 'shaman', the magical 'Garuda' (king of birds - loyal to lord Shri Ram), the calming effect of trees under which our folk tale travellers always rested on their long voyage, the talking trees of the Vikram-Betal  saga, the power and importance of 'collective prayers' being sung aloud in our temples everyday, the vibration and frequency of words in Hindu mantras that bring positivity into one's body(hence soul)......and Above all, my father's words "Look at 'nature' whenever you are confused, it always maintains a balance by following rules, no matter what".

Its all in our own books , been there since ages - centuries !

It took me back to learning Science from Mr.G.Boi in standard 6th at G.D.Birla School..he used practical examples to 'demo' that "energy is never created,destroyed or lost, only transformed". His explanation forced us to imagine-dream of a place as beautiful  and pious as I saw in the movie : Positive energy exchange between all living things - trees - of flight...a jump(free fall) from thousands of feet - gravitational force :
F= mass x g..... then the immense,god like power of wings - cutting through everything - glide, fly !  ....No fear, you are no more afraid of the future !

And here's another pic, "on request"... - "Talk about crazy stuff? ", I'm the crazy one on the left.. and thats my cute-stylish sister .. :P

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