So our show was this last week and it is safe to say it was stressful to sort things out for it. I'm not saying that I totally killed myself as much as others did, safe to say that Alice was one of the Graphic Designers that needs a special mention because of everything she has done to keep things on track. As said in previous posts what I decided to show was my packaging from my last project, but enough about me. Here is a glimpse across the show opening night!

Rather than choosing a few of my favourite pieces out of the show I have basically decided the best thing to do is upload all of the pictures I took on the night. It gives a better idea of the atmosphere (especially the last few random pics) and makes my life a lot easier not having to pick and choose. So here it is, a very long visual blog post;

Work by Chris Hatton

 Work by Emma Wilson

 Work by Sophie Gallagher
 Work by Laura Edwards

 Work by James Matthews
 Work by Alex Franklin
 Work by Becky Rainford

 Work by Tom Morris
 Work by Hayley Miles
 Work by Alex Nelson
 Work by Alice Vaughan

 Work by Adam Tomlin
 Work by Nichola Watkiss

 Work by Stephen Underwood
 Work by Leigh Woosey
 Work by Sam Gull

 Work by Rob Edwards

 Work by Lorna Dee Evans
Work by Alice Nester
 Work by Carl Jones

 Work by Andy Craige

Overall I thought the show was a success and it all pulled together well. A great way to round off our time at uni and show off the work that we are proud of. More good news is that a few of us have been featured in a Creative Review article on their blog, a surprising compliment to us all;

Now to be hopefull that we will all get jobs in the industry within the next 6 months and be happy designers!

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