No two pieces of jewellery are the same, reflecting each individual’s skin. This jewellery collection takes its inspiration from the three skin conditions, Psoriasis, Epidermolysis Bullosa and Eczema. Using her own experience of Eczema, Scarlett looks into the vast range of effects, symptoms and emotions skin conditions have on individuals.

Producing both wearable and statement pieces of jewellery Scarlett creates a positive spin on skin conditions. This collection looks into the detailed textures of the skin and the linear patterns of cells, which are common amongst these conditions. Scarlett’s jewellery is enhanced through her fashion photography. These powerful images create impact by showing the connection of the jewellery with the body.

The jewellery engages with the wearer through its contrasting rough and smooth textures heightening their sense of touch. Precious and semi precious gemstones, in a variety of settings emphasize the beauty of the skin whether exposed or encased.

Scarlett’s research has given her the inspiration to create a range of unique pieces of jewellery and to raise awareness of these conditions. More importantly Scarlett’s passionate about creating confidence in those affected by giving them belief in the undeniable beauty of their skin. 

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