I had a dream the other night, as you do, nothing about that is remarkable. But, it was so perfect, not the dream in it’s entirety, as usual i can’t really remember what happened around the part that is haunting me. There was this one moment, this one blissful piece that i can’t get out of my head. And it was so real. So devastatingly heartbreakingly real. If it had been a real moment in my life it would be one of those beautiful moments that i would remember and cherish for the rest of my life. The dream floats through my brain, and i can not only see the image as a picture but i can feel the sensations, i can feel the touch, i can feel the emotions stirring from within the dream and cliche as it sounds it is killing me because i know it was just a dream and it will never happen within reality. Everytime it pops into my mind, there is a second of pure heartfelt emotion and then the scream of angst arrrrggggghhhhh! This has happened to me once before, a similar occurance within the dream and i still can’t shake it. Is it just me? Have you ever had this happen?

Ironically the one dream i don’t want to remember i cannot forget.



My apologies if you were expecting more from this post. It was selfish and self-indulgent but I wanted to write this down somewhere and why not here.


Chloe out.

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