As part of my expansive learning module this year I am taking part in an interdisciplinary project with the textile department. In pairs made up of one Product Designer and one Textile Designer we will develop a textile based outcome that will make use of new technology being developed by Edinburgh University’s school of informatics called ‘Speck.’ I will also be taking part in four design workshops hosted by each of the four participating art schools DJCAD, Gray’s School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art and Glasgow School of Art. The Speck Project will run past my semester one module and will culminate in June with an exhibition in Edinburgh displaying our final outcomes.

Textile futures aims to teach us about the wealth of new technologies and opportunities emerging within field of technical textiles eg. thermochromic inks. Our aim will be to push the boundaries of of what these new materials can do as well as where they can be used. We will attempt to do this by exploring applications beyond those traditionally perceived to be in the domain of textile design.

Looking at current social agenda’s we will hopefully uncover some new interesting ways in which the Speckled computing project can be applied outside of the accepted norm.

In this respect we have already began learning how to program specially designed arduino boards called ‘lilypad’ that can be sewn directly on fabric and wired using conductive thread. I will post more about this project as it happens.

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