I am a regular customer at Dundee’s many coffee houses. This is where I do most of my investigative research. In my experience of coffee houses I feel it best to stay away from the big branded company’s such as costa and Starbucks. I feel they tend attract the “wrong” type crowd. The Starbucks in the Overgate for example is a good example of the wrong place to have a coffee house that I like to attend. The Starbucks is there because the Overgate is the most popular centre in Dundee, buts it’s popular for all types of people. I may sound wrong but I don’t like all kinds of people I like my kind of people and I like tom feel comfortable in my surroundings when I’m in a coffee house, this comes from being around the “right” people. I also feel that the large branded establishments are very “busy” and by busy I mean mentally busy, there isn’t much mental space to think. There is too much going on. I get stressed easily and place like this stress me out. I prefer nice quiet neutral places such as empire state or henrys.

From sitting in Henry’s right now I can tell why I prefer this sort of atmosphere. The décor is very wooden and there is a large selection of browns on the walls. No bright colours and the feel of the space are very much in relation to the product they sell. In an establishment such as Starbucks the colour Green pops up a lot and I find that very distracting It feels sort of plastic in my opinion. I can feel that the values of places like henrys are to deliver good coffee in a homely and relaxed manner. Places like Starbuck make me think of values such as get your good coffee quickly so we can get to the next customer and make more money. I know there are probably not the values but that is how I see them.

The customers in places like Henrys seem to be much like me. They look kind of studenty and don’t look like there in any rush. You do get the odd business man come in and take away a coffee, he’s too busy to sit in. most of the customers in Henrys will sit in this is not the same for some other establishments. The Starbucks and Costa have regular young people and business men running in and out asking for a coffee or frappe to go. I believe this is mainly due to the fact that they are more well-known and more central, so more people in a hurry attend them.  I’m perfectly sure that different branches will behave very differently to the local Dundee ones but for now I’ll stick to the calmer ones.

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