As one of the biggest grossing brands in the world I thought I should have a quick look at Boots. When you enter boots you first of all see a large range of people. The largest range of people I have seen on this marketing excursion. In this module so far we have been taught that its important to target a single or small area of the market, and that if you attack all of it you will most likely not succeed. From looking around I would say that boots are doing just that, they seem to be in every corner of the market. Upstairs there are the upper-class perfumes and makeups and down stairs is the middle class creams and hygiene products. The floors of boots Dundee are very easy to navigate and are well labelled and sign posted in my opinion. If you want to find something just look up and all the isles are labelled. The isles in boots are very well designed in the sense that the male section is very manly with darker tones and all the products are lined up in easy to find orders. Out of all the shops I visited I find boots to be the most user-friendly. Much like the dark tones in the males section the hand cream isle is very pure and if filled with white natural tones that leave the customer feeling lighter than a feather. I feel these subtle mood changes do affect your judgment when buying a product. I was browsing the male isle and suddenly my eye was caught by a “new product” this product was the new Gillett Styler. It was back lit and the blue acrylic took up a whole shelf just to display this one product. The presentation was very well done and I have to admit I was thinking about buying it myself before I remembered I haven’t shaven fully in 2 years.  

Another thing I noticed about boots is that it has a lot of very good deals. The products that are available in boots can be quite expensive for the lower to lower-middleclass person. This would be an issue if there wasn’t a way for people like this to shop deals bring the customer in and they buy things based on these deals. They come in to the store because it is a trusted brand and they feel more happy giving up a little bit extra for the product if they trust the source, and the deals are the bate. I feel that boots gets away with branching out to a larger market because it keeps everyone separate. Everyone has a place in a boots store even if some places could be considered hostile territory; fortunately these territories are kept well apart.

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