The Burger king branch in the Overgate is a place that you would imagine to be packed with students and retail assistants on their lunch. If you did think this then well done 3 gold stars for you but there is much more to burger king and you would expect… much more. So for starters yea the age range was about 17 – 25 with a few 30 odd popping in and out, but what I want to know is why Burger King? What’s wrong with McDonalds or any other of the lower price fast food joints?  Well I was thinking that when I first sat down but very soon after that I realised. I don’t really go to Burger King because I assumed it would be like McDonald’s but a tad more expensive. I’ve always thought that so maybe that’s something that burger king should look into. Anyway back to my point, the vibe I began to get from this establishment was “better than fast food, fast food” and after trying it I totally agree. The food was quite good. The burgers looked like they do on the ads, nice and juicy. So now that I know that burger king is of a good quality but I didn’t learn that from its adverts, so why do its customers get so fond of it?
This particular branch of Burger King is very interesting, as soon as I walked in it just felt… right. The place felt like it fitted Dundee very well, like it belonged. After sitting down it became apparent why. The décor was very Dundonian with a very industrial room lining. The gas and water pipes are bare to see and this gives the establishment a very industrial feel. One wall of the branch is even bare brick work and all the colours are interlinked to the city. I don’t know if this is shear coincidence or if it is intentional but it works very well. One other thing that gave the branch a very personnel to Dundee feel was that it wasn’t called “Burger King” it was called “My BK Overgate”. This personal touch just makes you feel that the company wants to be there and is happy to brand themselves slightly differently to be more a part of the community. 
I making this observation I began to notice that the vast majority of the customers were sitting in to eat rather than taking it away much like they would in other rival company’s such as McDonalds. I began to think why this was and the conclusion I came to was that the customer must just feel more comfortable in this establishment. The homely feel must actually effect not only your judgment of the establishment but how you actually consume your meal once purchased. On realising that more people sat in I instantly though that there must be some subtle advertisements that make you want to buy more, as that’s why chains like this want you to stay and sit in. after a short scan around I realised that most of the advertising were conveniently situated at eye level for those that were sitting. After a while I suddenly developed the urge to have ice cream and jelly, this was strange because I haven’t has this since I was like 5. Having another quick glance around I found myself staring at a very small very delicious looking table advertisement for ice cream and jelly. The advert consisted of a very vibrant image of a perfect cube of red jelly sitting on top of a spectacular ice cream base. 
God knows if the journey from me walking in to me wanting a nice portion of ice cream and jelly was intentional but it Shure implanted that idea deep into my head. Burger King and Christopher Nolan should arrange a sit down because between them I can see a bright future for inception 2.

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