It’s been a while since i last updated my blog. This is due to moving house and having a lot of work done and we had no internet for around three weeks.

Ive just put my pieces up for sale in my etsy shop -

Please take a look, as these pieces are one of a kind (due to their size!) I cant believe ive put them up for sale and im willing to part with them. But hey ho, i need to make some pennies and i believe they could go to good home’s which will love them as much as i did making them.

As i stated at the beginning of the post, we’ve had ALOT of work done to our new house in Norfolk :D And im being given loft space, for a work shop so i can continue with my designs. All going well, i should begin on new designs in around a months time. I need to unpack my Jewellery tools, sketchbooks, piece my work bench together and hopefully carpet my loft space!

So, watch this space…… :)

- CG <3

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