After my experience at New Designers I thought I'd note down some advice I would give to people going in years to come. And I know you always think ... 'It's ages away and theres loads of stuff I have to do first' but just keep this in mind.

It's in no particular order just what came to my head! Hope this can help.

1. Work on your press pack, press releases and price lists, business cards, postcards earlier than you think. These are what people take away make them professional and memorable. Make sure you have a class press pack with everyones work on it to give out.
2. Have a commercial aspect to your work if that's the route your looking to go down, show you can create commercial ranges too, but don't let go of YOUR STYLE.
3. Push business cards and get business cards off everyone you speak to.
4. Ask them what they do, note it down. This also keeps the conversation going.
5. Work in a team when loading and unloading the van - wear as little clothing as possible on these days! Its freaking hot work!
6. Keep eating, drinking and chatting in groups for off the stand - you don't realise how bad it looks.
7. Keep the classes spirits up - Remind each other  to smile and stand straight. Work together talk about each others work if their not their, your a team help each other!
8. Take breaks, keep motivated.
9. Be CONFIDENT in your prices and your work - you made it, its all yours!
10. Talk to everyone, approach them in a friendly manner watch not to POUNCE on them...they'll run away.

11. Be yourself, keep your personality. Visitors will speak to loads of people during their visit and you want them to remember you.
12. Your group stand as a whole should look professional and eye catching WORK TOGETHER!
13. Don't overcrowd the stand with work and images etc keep it simple - it worked for us!
14. Find COMFY shoes. Do not wear brand new shoes! It's a long day on your feet.
15. Be good at night - don't drink TOO much alcohol, eat garlicy or smelly food.
16. Dress to impress. Show your personality but stay a little professional - too much boobs and bum for example is not the best idea.
17. Prepare a general statement to say about your work - think less degree show a little more professional, commercial, general statement. Some people hate the 'bullsh*t'. Talk materials, inspirations techniques just don't give too much away.
18. Even if it's not a gallery or a professional your talking to, still give them your time, you never know where things can lead to.
19. SMILE.... but watch you don't end up with a CRAZY tired smile! These things happen with long days standing!
20. Have fun, take chances, put yourself in uncomfortable situations, push yourself. This only lasts a few days its your time!

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