The speckled project has been created by the Edinburgh School of Informatics for the four design schools of Scotland to create new and innovative applications for their Speck technology.

The Specknet website describes the speckled technology concept as a whole.

‘Speckled Computing offers a radically new concept in information technology that has the potential to revolutionise the way we communicate and exchange information.

Specks will be minute (around 1 mm3) semiconductor grains that can sense and compute locally and communicate wirelessly. Each speck will be autonomous, with its own captive, renewable energy source. Thousands of specks, scattered or sprayed on the person or surfaces, will collaborate as programmable computational networks called Specknets.

Computing with Specknets will enable linkages between the material and digital worlds with a finer degree of spatial and temporal resolution than hitherto possible; this will be both fundamental and enabling to the goal of truly ubiquitous computing.’

For the moment though the technology available to us for this project are below:

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