I thought I would show off some true talent and share with you all some illustrations by my good friend, Damon Morris. I had studied Fine Art and my BTEC Foundation with Damon in college, and I have always admired his natural artistic skill for portraiture.

Damon’s work is influenced by work of artists such as Pomme Chan, Si Scott and Andy Warhol.  His unique hand drawn style is an illustrative based contemporary approach. 'Realism meets pop art', mainly Inspired by beauty, nature, patterns, music and fashion.
Damon is at the very start of his career, and has already done many exhibitions and won countless awards for his work. His next exhibition now is based on Vanity, and will be displayed around November time next year.  Damon is also a freelance illustrator and works on collaborative projects. If you would like to work with Damon on a project, or ask him any questions about his work you can email him at: damonmorris.art@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter.
To see more of his work you can visit his online portfolio.

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