Hello! so recently, I have been doing a lot of research for my latest project in uni. This semester, I am focusing on the RSA brief “The Good Journey”. This brief asks us simply to improve our daily commute and make it more enjoyable. This brief relates very well to me because I am a regular commuter (I commute from Glasgow to Dundee every weekend) and I know some of the commuting problems that happen whilst on trains.  My aim is to create an interesting environment for families on trains using interesting and tactile print designs and create interesting textured and sensory surface designs.

Here is some photographs showing my progress so far!

Mind map for inspiration!






These images show some of my research and as you may have guessed, I have been looking into children’s games and puzzles for my inspiration!

This is my handmade dolls house made by my grandad :) I loved it! …still do even though it currently lives in my loft! since I wanted to take inspiration from children’s toys, I thought this little dolls house would be a nice object to take inspiration from.





I tried to create a textured surface that is similar to the texture on the doll’s house exterior. I also found a rocking horse, a little wooden puppet and many other little toy treasures in my loft so hopefully they will provide me my inspiration for this project!

As I am looking into creating interesting surface design and create interesting tactile prints, I have been experimenting with paper to create interesting 3D pattern.




That’s my progress at the moment so there will be a lot more to come over the next couple of weeks!


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