So after attending the Glasgow DesignSpeck workshop it’s time to start developing our research into some working concepts to be prototyped in January. Rebecca and I have been looking into both the kitchen and social interaction within the home so I have decided to look at other projects that may have already expanded upon this area.

The History Tablecloth, developed at Goldsmith’s Interaction Research Studio, covers a surface such as a dining room or kitchen table. When items are left for a prolonged period of time the surface begins to glow that expands the longer an item is left. When the item is removed the glow quickly fades. People can view the movement of objects around a table and can use it to determine other peoples interaction towards the table over a period of time. The History Tablecloth is essentially a large low resolution display except the pixels, in this case, takes the form of a floral pattern to fit within a domestic environment. Made using electroluminescent material it is an example of how technology and material can be combined to create a though provoking outcome and a real inspiration for my work with DesignSpeck.



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