The third step to finding your niche is to plan your goals. Planning your goals involves you first selecting them, once you have done so decide when you wish to achieved them by and fill in the gaps in between now and then.  I selected 3 possible paths that I may take after university and drew up time scales for each. I do not know how long it really takes to achieve my goals as of yet so I have made a educated guess to the time scale.

Timeline (CEO-Combany Head)

The timeline above shows my 30 year plan to becoming the CEO of a large corporation. i will work my way up from the bottom and due to this the time scale will be very large. Within this path I have no intention of setting up my own business.

Timeline (Company Established)

The timeline above shows my 10 year plan to setting up my own company. I believe that it is important to have a good feel for the market that I wish to set up in before I set up. So because of this I have set myself about 8 years experience in the workplace.

Timeline (Leading Member of Field)


The timeline above shows my 25 year plan to become the market leader within my chosen field. this process involves me setting up my own company and then maintaining a successful market presence for a large amount of time.



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