Taking the next step into the NESTA tool kit we looked into the 7p’s of marketing. These factors are the key steps that can ensure that your business offer is in alignment with your company’s business strategy. Using these as tools you can discover how to market your product or service. Below are the 7’ps:

Product – The unique selling point, stating clearly the features and benefits that make your offer different from your competitors.

Place – Where your products will be sold to customers. Also how it is distributed to that place.

Price – What you can charge for your product in the market place, based on cost and value to the customer.

Promotion – The means to make potential customers aware of your offers and products.

People – Your staff or representatives. Customer services and after-care that builds customer loyalty

Process – The procedures that your company uses to deliver your offer have a role in building your brand.

Physical Environment – your workplace, showroom or retail presence sets an impression of your business to your customers, suppliers and staff.

After I understood what each of the factors represented I moved on to actually implementing them to my business. Below are the answers to each of the 7 factors:


Connecting the elderly/distant family’s, because everyone deserves to stay connected.

Allows the user to simply interact with social networking, as to contact and stay in touch with their family and friends. It does this by displaying an easy to read interactive interface displayed on an easy to use device.


NHS, Community centres, Off the shelf retail.

The device could be sold off the shelf to the customer or could be given out free from the NHS or community centres. The device could also be placed within care homes so the residents can connect to their families.


Could be free if advertising was introduced, around £250 if not.

The device would probably have to be very low price due to the market I will be appealing to, but with the addition of advertising (the way Facebook operates) I could allow this service to be free and accessible via a website.


Advertise in local centres and shopping areas.

Ares where users visit, community centres, within the NHS, doctors surgery’s… etc. the internet would not be a great place to advertise due to the fact that my market don’t really use the resource, but online advertising will still play a small role to attract less specific market members (such as family members).


Limited staffing needed for the design process although manufacturers and distributes will be needed.

There will need to be a brand manager to maintain the online presence and advertising side of things. The manufacturing and distribution will be out sourced to other companies. Online maintenance staff will need to be hired to help the users that are struggling to interact with there device.


Product design, product updates and maintenance

As designers me and my team would create the original idea and then create updated versions to improve the device. We would also provide online and phone product maintenance and customer support.

Physical Environment

Maintain a flow within the brand image and use this to promote the business

A calm and calculated environment/image would allow for the users to trust and allow the product to change their view on electronic devices, as some will be hostile at first.

From doing this exercise I have now developed a deeper understanding of what my business will offer and how to market it effectively. below I have posted my finished exercise.

My Marketing Mix Exercise

My Marketing Mix Exercise

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