Today I had an urge to buy a ukelele, so I did. I bought a Kala Makala MK-C and I cannot wait to play it. This also made me want to play my guitar again, so I dusted it off and tuned it up using Pro Guitar Tuner. Let me tell you, having not used my guitar in so long, it was pretty out of tune and i'll also admit that, despite having a lot of lessons, I still suck at playing guitar.

I've tried playing a few instruments. I've played kit drum, harmonica, snare drum, and guitar and i'm not great at any of them. Snare drum and kit drum are probably my best bets, but I had to sell my kit and lost interest in snare. So here we are today. Life is too short to say that i'm rubbish at what I do. I enjoy it, yes it's very frustrating, but I enjoy it because it's such a great way to let off some steam and lose yourself for a while.

So in the next week or so, when my ukelele arrives in the post, I will start learning new tricks on it. I'm super excited. I'll keep you updated. I've read nothing but good reviews about this model of uke that I bought, so fingers crossed. Maybe one day i'll actually go to Hawaii and surf and play my ukelele instead of surfing in cold watered Scotland...

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