Nature and its connection to me... Shevan Wells-Jansz (SWJ-ART)

Nature to me is the life blood of my soul.   I am in awe of it everyday as it mesmerises me with its wonderful enchantment.    I pity over Natures destruction as we humans flourish in our bubble of technology.   Yet I still go on living the life of consumerism and capitalism.
The din of the winds wrath upon my house reminds me that nature will bite back. Claiming the innocent lives of those in worse off places.
Mother nature has always been a great muse for me, throwing her sensory atmosphere around me, immersing myself in the sounds, smells, shapes and colours. This always clears my mind and plants it with many inspirations.
My works may not look like nature itself as its my perception of what I see around me. For instance if I see something I like, I photograph it, IE tree bark or the skyline. Later when I go through my photos, particular ones with give me ideas for a drawing or of late its been photo editing, I will go through some processes be it paint and pen or the click of a screen.
Usually it doesn't end there as I will constantly find more ideas within these, which often results in more experiments.   Also I'll pick things up that have caught my eye these will be incorporated into my art, such as stones, twigs or crushed leaves.

If nature did not exist or if I was confined in a place where there is no natural then I would not cope well. Its intrinsic that I have a lot of organic influence around me for my creativity to be.  

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