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MatthewHolland posted a photo: August 2012, family holiday to Cornwall. Although a wet week, weather wise.We still got to visit some great places and visiting some old places - Mousehole
Project 3 – ‘Black Hole’ – Ink Droplets, a set on Flickr.
My initial designs for Speaker – a political website looking for revamp on logo design.
Lines of Motion – Project 5, a set on Flickr.
MatthewHolland’s photostream on Flickr.
My son is now 16. I still miss his baby years. Am I pitiful or crazy? They were hard times but great times all the same. I think only cleft moms can truly relate. Sure I’ve experienced protective times and anxious times but looking back 99% were ju
In the past few months I have meet several people through a groups in Facebook. I had no idea what a group in Facebook could offer me but now I have learned that it offers much more than a string of disconnected post. Its a flourishing community of p
As a mom, I look back over the last 18 years and celebrate the tiny moments that mean the most. Playing pirate ships make believe when our king-sized bed floated amidst the waves of gators and whales. Planting one strawberry bush
I find Joyce Meyers television ministry to be a terrific source of inspiration. Today,  she spoke of always remaining in a spirit of amazement. I hope you can find it on her website to play. This second I am amazed that we just fo
Thought this was interesting. Most people do not realize that cleft lip and palates are so common.  I can't help but smile when I see a children with clefts.
Using basic photoshop tools to render sketches. Only just started to learn photoshop so hopefully see some improvements soon in the renderings I produce mainly use it for photo editing. Any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for watching