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Ok so we are nearing the final hand in. Everything is being put together and things are starting to look good. The form is fully completed and the code has been written. All we need to do now is calibrate the motor to react at the desired speed for
Another package experiment.
Today I have been inspired and mind boggled by 4 very different but interlocking talks put on by DJCAD. The first talk this morning was by 2011 Turner Prize winner Martin Boyce. Martin took us through his inspiration and thinking. Mainly talking abou
With the prototype nearing completion and testing under way, the time has come to film a contextual video for the device. Here are a few videos and photos of what we have been up to the past few days. I hope to bring the you the final video soon
As a freelance designer, you should be using contracts when working for clients.When I started, I didn’t use them, which was just one the the beginner mistakes I was making.This great talk by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design highlights just how im
So the very first iteration of our concept has been created and we have had the opportunity to present our ideas to the rest of the year. The presentation went well and gave us the space to have our prototype critiqued  by our peers. The presentat
Now in The Out of the Blue Drill HallReady Steady Jewel work exhibiting in The Black Box Boutique.
For a while I have been debating on wether to change my blog from dynamic view (how it is at present) to simple view which would allow me much more freedom over the layout. I really like the dynamic view as it prioritises images to make the home page
This week was the beginning of my third year at Uni. We began with the first ever Social Digital Banquet. Social Digital being the all encompassing name of both Product Design and Digital Interaction Design (boo). The brief was to create an artefact
Completely delighted with the Guardian covering the Business: Designed event.Read about it hereA
Interaction Design is a term most people are unfamiliar with, but which plays a crucial role in today’s internet-dominated society. For me, there are three different aspects that shape and define the field: users interacting online, visualizing dat