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Heightening the wearers sense of touch through contrasting textures. I enjoy working with semi precious and precious stones, exposing them through my different styles of stone settings.
I have just managed to update as many of my Digital profiles as possible as well as finally getting Pinterest. Have a wee look… click here to see my Behance Profile: Here to see my student designers profile: and here to see Pinterest:
Who’s the Victim (by tomgreenidge) Interesting to see the other side for knife crime not just the victim that get stabbed. 
Currently working on a my D&AD project. Started up a survey for 7-17year olds. Please feel free to fill it out and help me with my new project.
MatthewHolland posted a photo: August 2012, family holiday to Cornwall. Although a wet week, weather wise.We still got to visit some great places; one of them being Newquay Zoo.
Project celebrating Bob Dylans 7Oth birthday. Graphic frontispiece, hand lino cut print and metal type piece, digital photography album cover.
New exhibition project what i have taught is to exhibit new ideas in the forms of posters to the mobile screen savers.This indeed improves to spread the social awareness to the whole world as we are seeing a rapid growth in mobile users th
Business: Designed was created to help solve the lack of entrepreneurship / business training in design courses.I have met talked to many people from industry and education about this problem and some agree, some disagree and some don’t seem to car
It’s been a while since i last updated my blog. This is due to moving house and having a lot of work done and we had no internet for around three weeks. Ive just put my pieces up for sale in my etsy shop -
The above are 3 earrings that rest near the collarbone when worn.The ear cuffs attach round the whole of your ear.