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There is so much wrong with this ‘act’ and words cannot describe how could all potentially ruin the internet.  Privacy is important and I don’t understand how the media can even propose taking over something that was made for every
I’ve come across some great websites generally browsing the web, so I thought I’d share them and give a brief explanation of why I like them and why they are great. Forrst: This website is great for any developer and/or designer looking
I have decided to jot down my new goals for the year of 2012, to help remind me to stay on track with everything and hopefully not fail.  I have a lot of expectations that I can hopefully live up to, not only from myself but others such as family an
University seems to be the only thing I seem to hear lately, so many assignments, so little time.  Many have been set with only a couple of months to finish them, along side other personal projects it looks like I’m going to be rather busy.  
So the new year is upon us and what better time to start making some changes to make yourself that little bit better.  I found that last year I was really disorganised with my work and that caused some of projects not to be of a standard they should
Here are a few images from ECA Fashion show 2012.   Marie Leikne’s work catught my eye, her vibrant colors and mixture of knit and print were exciting to watch down the catwalk. Marie collaborated with textile designer Philipp
Well this years degree show is over and that means one thing… We are next! eeek! I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Time for a break from textiles, so I can come back fresh and raring to go… Here are a few of my perso
Helen Storey took the last talk of the day. ‘ From Fashion to Science – Tales of Collaboration’ Helens journey is interesting and quirky. The way she talks and thinks about things is very relaxed and open. Always ready for a challe
Today I have been inspired and mind boggled by 4 very different but interlocking talks put on by DJCAD. The first talk this morning was by 2011 Turner Prize winner Martin Boyce. Martin took us through his inspiration and thinking. Mainly talking abou
I am currently exploring a few options for a fashion company in London for their next collection. I eventually got on the laser cutter the other day and here are some of the results. Unfortunately these are very smelly designs as
I have just managed to update as many of my Digital profiles as possible as well as finally getting Pinterest. Have a wee look… click here to see my Behance Profile: Here to see my student designers profile: and here to see Pinterest:
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