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Another package experiment.
New print up for sale on my Etsy! Have a peek
Vests ‘n’ guns. The Deep south
AK47 scribble
A collection of posters I created to promote a local arts festival in the Colne Valley area.
These were my desired colour-ways, but the client felt that the white type wasn’t easily legible.  Understandable.  Get yourself down to this, it’ll be funnn!             Standedge Artsfest 2012              
My first proposal to the client, deemed not suitable for the art that would be on display.
Beard infographic from a Terminators POV #infographic #graphics #beards #terminator
V&A logo collaboration for Uni project
Today I had an urge to buy a ukelele, so I did. I bought a Kala Makala MK-C and I cannot wait to play it. This also made me want to play my guitar again, so I dusted it off and tuned it up using Pro Guitar Tuner. Let me tell you, having not used
I always look for interesting cover art. I think that really helps a band when it comes to selling their music. I guess it takes in to account the "don't judge a book by its cover" lesson. I probably shouldn't get all technical here, so I won't
Nothing needs to be said.