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I thought I would show off some true talent and share with you all some illustrations by my good friend, Damon Morris. I had studied Fine Art and my BTEC Foundation with Damon in college, and I have always admired his natural artistic skill for portr
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Initially, I took my first prototype and tried to scale it up. I wanted to create a prototype that was much the same in function but grander and more emotive. My first port of call was a visit to my parents house because I knew they had a lot of stuf
A years work in 100 words Supermarkets and chain retailers dominate our high streets and many of us have a limited understanding of supply chains and the challenges that come with growing food. They squeeze out local suppliers and outlets. The button
Over the past few weeks there has been some very exciting news for Scarlett Erskine Jewellery! I was chosen to exhibit my work in the ACS Jewellery Studio, Made In Scotland Exhibition!!! 12 very exciting jewellers were chosen to exhibit their wo
My liquorice allsorts jewellery is back! Yup, you should be excited. Check ‘em oot! Get your necklace here £24.99 Get your bracelet here £14.99 Get your drop earrings here £4.99 Get your stud earrings here £2.99 Get your keyring here
Airport was big - took a long (yawn) walk to reach the mile long Immigration check line.  Stamped : 14th September 2011 Heathrow.I confess that I'd have felt so lost in UK, if not for my sister. Took the underground metro (tube) which was so muc
LASERZZZZ! The shoulder rests on the rig are made from a 10 mm closed cell polyurethane foam(it’s waterproof). We haven’t had this material on the laser cutter before so it took a bit of trial and error with the power and speed settings to get
The first pull base plate that has the “hex” pattern. Aiming for 6mm deep pockets all over, we ended up with a range of depths after replacing a drill bit halfway though the cut and the plastic getting moved slightly. This made for a p
A full model! And working great.