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LASERZZZZ! The shoulder rests on the rig are made from a 10 mm closed cell polyurethane foam(it’s waterproof). We haven’t had this material on the laser cutter before so it took a bit of trial and error with the power and speed settings to get
We need a version control for stuff! It would be great to take this project forward and make it more of a collaborative effort. For that we really need the 3d equivalent of Git Hub or something. Nothing like that currently exists, although there a
The first pull base plate that has the “hex” pattern. Aiming for 6mm deep pockets all over, we ended up with a range of depths after replacing a drill bit halfway though the cut and the plastic getting moved slightly. This made for a p
Who’s the Victim (by tomgreenidge) Interesting to see the other side for knife crime not just the victim that get stabbed. 
(of a person) Thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill: “he stabbed him” My points to make stabbing penetrating at a close range Purposeful action Perpendicular to the body happy by gangs or in prisons
final RP. this is before sanding.
The beginning of this project was based on making a product that would have no defined use. i decided to so this because of seeing people using product is different ways for the designed use of the item, for example a knife being used as a screw driv
BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - Exploring issuess around knife crime - PSHE Video: seeing knife crime for a young person point of view and for both sides of what people for the when getting stabbed and kareing a knife.
victims of knife crime suffer for arrange of different injures. this can be psychological to physical, these injury go from scars, paralysis and lose of limbs. the physical injures are the more promet reminders to the victims and other people. the s
Knife crime is any crime that involves a knife – regardless of whether the knife is used to injure someone. A person can be found guilty of knife crime if they: Carry a knife – carrying alone could mean that the individual could face up to 4 y
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