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Here are a few images from ECA Fashion show 2012.   Marie Leikne’s work catught my eye, her vibrant colors and mixture of knit and print were exciting to watch down the catwalk. Marie collaborated with textile designer Philipp
If you follow me on twitter or have read this blog before you will know that I have just finished my BA (hons) in Graphic Design. During the three years of the course I learnt a few things: graphics is expensive, time consuming, and at times fru
It has been a while since I last posted something on here,  that does not mean I have not been creative though.  I have been quite the opposite actually.  Making lampshades, drawing, sewing, weaving and playing around with my photo edi
The movie is meant purely for rebellious folks. Those who'v lived in sophistication of shelves all their life, will never be able to relate to it. (To each his own).Inspired by Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrison... "The Doors"... and they are not
I was given a task to re-design the logo below for my friends Theatre Company SpartaKi.The Pen Nib in place of a sword blade representing that the pen is mightier than the sword. The first idea I had was to draw up a pen nib sword with a blot of
So playing around with my crystals, I find their beauty mesmerising.  Threw em through a symplectic photo editor and come up with some possibility for compositions.  A simple  shot of crystals Tweeked with contrast. Mirrored
Same song - 3 versions, recorded raw(amateur) at 2 am (hence a little hush )   Kiss by Prateek Khare Original Track Kiss-reverb by Prateek Khare Some reverb in lead Kiss - Reverb - Auditorium by Prateek Khare Reverb - Auditorium Eff
On Sunday the 2nd of September (that’s right, the Sunday that’s just passed) i received a Tweet inviting me to a “Designers Meeting” in Norwich, on Tuesday night, regarding Norwich Fashion Week 2013. I decided to take up the o
First photo is a 16"x12" Acrylic on Canvas.  Second photo is a 10"x8" Acrylic on board. So here I am experimenting with my palette knifes... I have never really been brave enough to just let go of the constraints of the paintbrush to the knive.
Platform Number 6 : Feast of friends...moments of desperate laughter...pseudo intellectual light from the guard bogie...good byes...A couple screamed at me - "Pull the chain" ...agony in their eyes - I remember the feeling of m
Read on only if you answer in YES to the following : Are you a natural rebel? Naturally destructive? Did you break open your home’s television/radio/stereo at 6 just to see how can so many people/voices sit inside a small box ? Ever felt that