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Hello! so as well as my main module of study at University, I had been given the opportunity to chose another from a wide selection from design and fine art modules. I decided to choose Print and Printability because I am very interested in printin
I was doing some research for a big competition brief for DJCAD and I came across some pretty AMAZING pieces of wall art!       Okay, they could be photo shopped but what if we could get wallpaper made and do this! There are
Hello! so recently, I have been doing a lot of research for my latest project in uni. This semester, I am focusing on the RSA brief “The Good Journey”. This brief asks us simply to improve our daily commute and make it more enjoyable. Thi
I have recently been working on a brand re-fresh for Shoestring Fitness. This mainly involved cleaning up the previous brand and keeping the same concept.Along with the branding, I also designed the stationary and gift card ready for the January sale
I am currently re-branding Shoestring Fitness, which is a new start-up business which offers tailored fitness programmes designed by the team. The new programme is set to launch at the start of the New Year so before then, there is lots of designing
I thought I would show off some true talent and share with you all some illustrations by my good friend, Damon Morris. I had studied Fine Art and my BTEC Foundation with Damon in college, and I have always admired his natural artistic skill for portr
I have only recently started blogging again and updating my blog on some recent and current freelance projects, having had a lot on my plate recently.  There have been a few changes to what I am currently doing; for the past six months I had bee
I am currently working on some illustrations for , the aim of the main image is explain to users the benefits of signing up. After sketching up various designs and concepts, a decision was made to go ahead with this idea. This is only
Ok so we are nearing the final hand in. Everything is being put together and things are starting to look good. The form is fully completed and the code has been written. All we need to do now is calibrate the motor to react at the desired speed for
With the prototype nearing completion and testing under way, the time has come to film a contextual video for the device. Here are a few videos and photos of what we have been up to the past few days. I hope to bring the you the final video soon
With three weeks to go until we take a trip to Glasgow for the next Designspeck workshop both Rebecca and I have been looking at ways in which we can gather information on the way people use and live within their kitchens. We need to look at people o
So now that we have sourced our Iroko hardwood it’s time to get started building. We have decided to use a modular approach and have had all the pieces needed milled to size ready to be routed for the glass. Below you can see the milled pieces