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traviskeith: Cristiana Couciero
tripthelightfantastik: Untitled 20100501h by Tchmo
stuartnicol: SWBb#02.08- on Flickr. Stuart Nicol 2008 Vienna
my new logo
wow - atipus
This is my Rapha bikes promotional brief work I decide to revamp and redesign the current promotional material used for rapha with is a small magazine which is in the style of the brand i was inspired by paul smith and his use of colour and clean
This is a brief I was working on in work experience over the summer and I felt the project was to good to not finish and use as part of my promotional module the brief is a working dog pet care range made to look masculine and workman like the set
This is my sushi packaing brief for promotional design. This brief was very much about improving my portfolio and adding some packaging design work to show my skills and i feel this final packaging concept is very interesting made to represent a f
So our show was this last week and it is safe to say it was stressful to sort things out for it. I'm not saying that I totally killed myself as much as others did, safe to say that Alice was one of the Graphic Designers that needs a special mention b
So the question arises before every interview, what do you wear? Whenever I have an interview/presentation etc I usually wear shirt, tie, trousers but this is one of my first 'real world' interviews with a design studio coming up and I hear different
Who'd have thought it, a week after finishing Uni before my degree show and 3 design jobs have been advertised nearby to where I live which for a start is a miracle as everything seems to be down near London, but I have the prospect of an interview w
Over the last week a lot of my time has been taken up with getting the work ready to display for the degree show. Our show is titled Untitled and will open for the public to see a variation of work from the Fine Art, Photography and Graphic Design