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“Israeli designer Lital Mendel’s recent project called Just One More… explores repetitive patterns to create these intricate paper jewlery. Each piece is made of hundreds of units, and at first the units have no influence on the design b
I find Joyce Meyers television ministry to be a terrific source of inspiration. Today,  she spoke of always remaining in a spirit of amazement. I hope you can find it on her website to play. This second I am amazed that we just fo
‘Stripes and Planes’ from my 2nd graduate collection ‘GeoSilver’. ©Emma Burrow 2012
So I am now back from London, and still not recovered fully. It was very enjoyable though and I spoke to many wonderful and interesting people, a couple that even bought a tear to my eye. It is great to get feedback about your work and for someone to
Knife crime. Interview No 1 (by Itdoesnthavetohappen) internist to see what he is thinking and feeling about being in jail.
So New Designers exhibition 2012 is coming up, starting on the 27th June I hope to see you there if you are about. It is in the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. It will show case thousands of graduates from all over the country. To find
Black acrylic being CNC’d with the cutting fluid (the white stuff you can see in the shavings)
MatthewHolland’s photostream on Flickr.
A friend recently approached me about helping him rebrand his company; Prima Oliva. The company makes and sells specialist olive oils to wholesalers, restaurants and pubs. The brief was quite open so there were plenty of avenues to research and explo
Well most of my time since breaking up university this year has been time spent on placement hunting this has been the lack of updates to the blog. I have recently started getting back into project work and currently collecting some designs for a c
MatthewHolland posted a photo: August 2012, family holiday to Cornwall. Although a wet week, weather wise.We still got to visit some great places and visiting some old places - Mousehole
I had a dream the other night, as you do, nothing about that is remarkable. But, it was so perfect, not the dream in it’s entirety, as usual i can’t really remember what happened around the part that is haunting me. There was this one mo