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Hello! so as well as my main module of study at University, I had been given the opportunity to chose another from a wide selection from design and fine art modules. I decided to choose Print and Printability because I am very interested in printin
Textile Futures as a module has been an exploration into different manufacturing and printing processes. For one of my final outcomes I have decided to make use of the sublimation printing facilities within the textile department in conjunction wit
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I started listening to The Black Keys just last year and I have to say…I am addicted! They are an amazing rock duo from Akron, Ohio and formed in 2001. The group consists of Dan Auerbach (guitar and vocals) and Patrick Carney (Drums).  They be
October 29th 2011 :  The city of Oxford charmed me the moment I set my foot down from the National Express after the tiring overnight journey. My colleagues from Strathclyde Graduate School of Business and I stepped into Said Business School, to at
Hello! so recently, I have been doing a lot of research for my latest project in uni. This semester, I am focusing on the RSA brief “The Good Journey”. This brief asks us simply to improve our daily commute and make it more enjoyable. Thi
I was doing some research for a big competition brief for DJCAD and I came across some pretty AMAZING pieces of wall art!       Okay, they could be photo shopped but what if we could get wallpaper made and do this! There are
Nature and its connection to me... Shevan Wells-Jansz (SWJ-ART)Nature to me is the life blood of my soul.   I am in awe of it everyday as it mesmerises me with its wonderful enchantment.    I pity over Natures destruction as we humans
The third step to finding your niche is to plan your goals. Planning your goals involves you first selecting them, once you have done so decide when you wish to achieved them by and fill in the gaps in between now and then.  I selected 3 po
D&AD New Blood 2012 Callum Crew Johnathon Shackleton Nick Mitchell Michael Davey Matthew Prossener Catherine Auld Giles Pearson Melanie Milne Lau Ceres Sin Yee On Wednesday I went to the D&AD New Blood show in London’s Spitafields Market.
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