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Just a quick update on the build so far; the door’s on, the lock’s on, the roof’s on, the floor’s on, the faces have been sanded and the reservoir is in place. It’s now just down to some finishing touches including cha
So the very first iteration of our concept has been created and we have had the opportunity to present our ideas to the rest of the year. The presentation went well and gave us the space to have our prototype critiqued  by our peers. The presentat
A few weeks ago a six of us went to the Edinburgh College of Art to begin the speckled computing project we are participating in alongside our Textile Futures Module. We spent the weekend listening to guest lectures from the different tutors of the
The speckled project has been created by the Edinburgh School of Informatics for the four design schools of Scotland to create new and innovative applications for their Speck technology. The Specknet website describes the speckled technology concept
Over the last few days we have spent a lot of time thinking about the final form of our ‘Rain in a Box.’ We played with different materials while also looking at how our interaction could be as intuitive as possible. For the window intera
Marion Buchenau and Jane Fulton Suri in their paper Experience Prototyping as ‘a form of prototyping that enables design team members, users and clients to gain first-hand appreciation of existing or future conditions through active engageme
BRAND LOGO UNVEILED : Thanks to Tom & his team at Blurr, f r a j u l now has a brand identity that is fresh, vibrant and related to the style that f r a j u l will soon be delivering to the knitwear industry. “We look forward to working with f r
f r a j u l goes to re brand!: “We are really excited about this project,this gives Blurr a chance to spread our wings and show our capabilities in the world of fashion” Tom Mcewan owner of Blurr Creative Consulting. Watch this this space for the
Imagine we could interact more with drawings and provide them with more of a life… The video I have just come across on TED has provided me with entertainment this afternoon and encouraged a more fun approach to my work today. I think this wou