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So throughout the year I have had to take note of the things I have been doing that go towards developing my design skills and reflecting on them. All of this gets recorded in my personal development plan which gets handed in for my promotional desig
“Israeli designer Lital Mendel’s recent project called Just One More… explores repetitive patterns to create these intricate paper jewlery. Each piece is made of hundreds of units, and at first the units have no influence on the design b
This was a nice screenprint at D&AD New Blood 2012. Can’t remember where it was from. If anyone knows inform me. I want to say it was Southampton Solent as it says Solent and Sons? Maybe. I saw it on a review but can’t find it now! Google could
To continue my previous post. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice :/ The Melbourne one is so much nicer still, leading is a bit much on the right.
Southampton Solent School of Art Southampton Solent School of Art Southampton Solent School of Art Sheffield Hallam Sheffield Hallam Norwich University Norwich University Norwich University Here are some images from the various ‘newspaper
D&AD New Blood 2012 Callum Crew Johnathon Shackleton Nick Mitchell Michael Davey Matthew Prossener Catherine Auld Giles Pearson Melanie Milne Lau Ceres Sin Yee On Wednesday I went to the D&AD New Blood show in London’s Spitafields Market.
A good relationship with your clients is essential for surviving as a freelancer.You’ll be relying a lot on your reputation and recommendations from past clients to drum up new business, more so when you’re just starting out.For that reason a
As a freelance designer, you should be using contracts when working for clients.When I started, I didn’t use them, which was just one the the beginner mistakes I was making.This great talk by Mike Monteiro of Mule Design highlights just how im
So you’ve just received an email from a potential client.They’ve told you a little about their project and explained what they need from you.It’s sounding good so far.Then you read it. That little sentence at the end that turns the
In an attempt to improve my own graphic design portfolio, I’ve spent some time looking at other designers portfolios.Whilst many featured some incredibly inspirational work, I noticed a number of them that were let down by one or two poor design ch
One of the most common questions I see being asked by new designers is “What should I charge for design?”Sadly there’s no simple answer.Graphic design doesn’t suit a fixed price model due to the vast differences between projects.You need to w
Branding for communitate pr and communications