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Who'd have thought it, a week after finishing Uni before my degree show and 3 design jobs have been advertised nearby to where I live which for a start is a miracle as everything seems to be down near London, but I have the prospect of an interview w
Lines of Motion – Project 5, a set on Flickr.
Visual essay I wrote on why I believe design should be influenced by nature also known as biomimicry. View the video with images that I took to try and relate to the essay. Please feel free to leave any feeback or comments.
150/15 Prints by Darcel for colette  Darcel is back with 150 prints for his latest exhibition at Parisian concept store colette. Everybody from the fashion world, press, art sector, music business and more was featured in this latest serie
I have decided to jot down my new goals for the year of 2012, to help remind me to stay on track with everything and hopefully not fail.  I have a lot of expectations that I can hopefully live up to, not only from myself but others such as family an
So the question arises before every interview, what do you wear? Whenever I have an interview/presentation etc I usually wear shirt, tie, trousers but this is one of my first 'real world' interviews with a design studio coming up and I hear different
My initial designs for Speaker – a political website looking for revamp on logo design.
Project 3 – ‘Black Hole’ – Ink Droplets, a set on Flickr.
Just a quick update of more photo’s (sorry) I thought it would be nice to include some image’s of my piece’s actually on mannequin’s so the viewer (yourselves) can see the size of my piece’s on a figure. Enjoy…..
There is so much wrong with this ‘act’ and words cannot describe how could all potentially ruin the internet.  Privacy is important and I don’t understand how the media can even propose taking over something that was made for every