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Currently working on a my D&AD project. Started up a survey for 7-17year olds. Please feel free to fill it out and help me with my new project.
As I am studying design,Kim sometimes need to refresh my mind of the basic principles before developing projects. I came across this video and found it really interesting. It displays just how important the basics are as designers.  
  In my opinion this video is a great exampyoungster takings taking initiative. Something which I have found whilst in education, there is a common lack of. This young boy is an inspiration. watch?v=ehDAP1OQ9Zw
Working on the NCR brief we have been given to complete I have been doing some experience prototyping, to explore ideas and insights and try to work through problems to solve how my product would manifest itself. The video I have created to present a
My Jewellery on displaysnap!The Auction BeginsNervous!!!!Sold...Happy Days!With the money still coming in and getting counted up it looks like we raised £1000 for each of the charities.... a very successful night! Congrats to Ian Nicholson for
Now in The Out of the Blue Drill HallReady Steady Jewel work exhibiting in The Black Box Boutique.
After my experience at New Designers I thought I'd note down some advice I would give to people going in years to come. And I know you always think ... 'It's ages away and theres loads of stuff I have to do first' but just keep this in mind.It's in n
Over the past few weeks there has been some very exciting news for Scarlett Erskine Jewellery! I was chosen to exhibit my work in the ACS Jewellery Studio, Made In Scotland Exhibition!!! 12 very exciting jewellers were chosen to exhibit their wo
Today at Scarlett Erskine Jewellery we decided to document the making of a silver and blue topaz gemstone ring for you all to enjoy!And we luckily made it to the final piece!Now time to put our feet up!
Just a quick update of more photo’s (sorry) I thought it would be nice to include some image’s of my piece’s actually on mannequin’s so the viewer (yourselves) can see the size of my piece’s on a figure. Enjoy…..