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On Sunday the 2nd of September (that’s right, the Sunday that’s just passed) i received a Tweet inviting me to a “Designers Meeting” in Norwich, on Tuesday night, regarding Norwich Fashion Week 2013. I decided to take up the o
It’s been a while since i last updated my blog. This is due to moving house and having a lot of work done and we had no internet for around three weeks. Ive just put my pieces up for sale in my etsy shop -
The first thing I noticed when I entered the Overgate was that it was full of students and the elderly. Most of them were just wandering about and they didn’t seem to be in any sort of hurry. I observed this for a while and I began to realise that
I am a regular customer at Dundee’s many coffee houses. This is where I do most of my investigative research. In my experience of coffee houses I feel it best to stay away from the big branded company’s such as costa and Starbuck
This is an establishment that clearly displays its values in all that it does. For example all there product are sitting on very plain white cubes meaning that the shop has no other detail other than the main products themselves. This means that as
As one of the biggest grossing brands in the world I thought I should have a quick look at Boots. When you enter boots you first of all see a large range of people. The largest range of people I have seen on this marketing excursion.
The Burger king branch in the Overgate is a place that you would imagine to be packed with students and retail assistants on their lunch. If you did think this then well done 3 gold stars for you but there is much more to burger king
My aesthetic has been influenced by many artists…but, unfortunately, they don’t have twitter in the afterlife. As I sat and thought, I remembered my early experiments with photography and Photoshop. At the time I was an active member on Devia
1. Mind maps are actually useful Usually I don’t draft a post and just write as I feel fit for the moment. For this post however, the amount of research was so vast that I had to make a mind map of quotes and different designers which I’v
Interaction Design is a term most people are unfamiliar with, but which plays a crucial role in today’s internet-dominated society. For me, there are three different aspects that shape and define the field: users interacting online, visualizing dat
Reblogged from soundbydesign: Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese industrial designer who created the ‘Without Thought’ design philosophy. He uses entrenched human behaviour to create pieces people will instinctively be able to interact with, w
This week was the beginning of my third year at Uni. We began with the first ever Social Digital Banquet. Social Digital being the all encompassing name of both Product Design and Digital Interaction Design (boo). The brief was to create an artefact