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Over the last few days we have spent a lot of time thinking about the final form of our ‘Rain in a Box.’ We played with different materials while also looking at how our interaction could be as intuitive as possible. For the window intera
Today at Scarlett Erskine Jewellery we decided to document the making of a silver and blue topaz gemstone ring for you all to enjoy!And we luckily made it to the final piece!Now time to put our feet up!
Hi everyone, i’m working up to selling my own range of pattern covered products! Still a way off, but i have started investigating prices and manufactures. Been getting some great advice from Hannah at Tonder&Tonder, where i’m doing a
AK47 scribble
Just a quick update on the build so far; the door’s on, the lock’s on, the roof’s on, the floor’s on, the faces have been sanded and the reservoir is in place. It’s now just down to some finishing touches including cha
After my experience at New Designers I thought I'd note down some advice I would give to people going in years to come. And I know you always think ... 'It's ages away and theres loads of stuff I have to do first' but just keep this in mind.It's in n
With three weeks to go until we take a trip to Glasgow for the next Designspeck workshop both Rebecca and I have been looking at ways in which we can gather information on the way people use and live within their kitchens. We need to look at people o
Today I had an urge to buy a ukelele, so I did. I bought a Kala Makala MK-C and I cannot wait to play it. This also made me want to play my guitar again, so I dusted it off and tuned it up using Pro Guitar Tuner. Let me tell you, having not used
So you’ve just received an email from a potential client.They’ve told you a little about their project and explained what they need from you.It’s sounding good so far.Then you read it. That little sentence at the end that turns the
Vests ‘n’ guns. The Deep south
Live Paul Smith fragrance design project. Brief “to design a new mainline fragrance for Paul Smith” This project was in depth in thinking of a story to go behind the fragrance rather than just to go and design something personal for the cl
I always look for interesting cover art. I think that really helps a band when it comes to selling their music. I guess it takes in to account the "don't judge a book by its cover" lesson. I probably shouldn't get all technical here, so I won't