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Today I had an urge to buy a ukelele, so I did. I bought a Kala Makala MK-C and I cannot wait to play it. This also made me want to play my guitar again, so I dusted it off and tuned it up using Pro Guitar Tuner. Let me tell you, having not used
New print up for sale on my Etsy! Have a peek
Been working on some ideas for packaging my prints.
In an attempt to improve my own graphic design portfolio, I’ve spent some time looking at other designers portfolios.Whilst many featured some incredibly inspirational work, I noticed a number of them that were let down by one or two poor design ch
I always look for interesting cover art. I think that really helps a band when it comes to selling their music. I guess it takes in to account the "don't judge a book by its cover" lesson. I probably shouldn't get all technical here, so I won't
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So now that we have sourced our Iroko hardwood it’s time to get started building. We have decided to use a modular approach and have had all the pieces needed milled to size ready to be routed for the glass. Below you can see the milled pieces
The first design path we have been looking into is Design Ethnography. I would describe Design Ethnography is immersing yourself into the culture and world of your user group and crafting insights from your experiences. Along these lines we have bee
Well this years degree show is over and that means one thing… We are next! eeek! I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Time for a break from textiles, so I can come back fresh and raring to go… Here are a few of my perso
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