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Feedback is reverent ! Constructive criticism can frame and reframe experiences very fluidly, producing extraordinary results. The process of professional peer review can be dated back to 9th Century when a visiting physician’s notes were reviewed
October 29th 2011 :  The city of Oxford charmed me the moment I set my foot down from the National Express after the tiring overnight journey. My colleagues from Strathclyde Graduate School of Business and I stepped into Said Business School, to at
This is an archived post from February 2009 : I have mentioned the topic in my previous posts at my BLOGSPOT BLOG and I kept working on it. Finally things took shape and I addressed a Radio Talk show at Planet Satyam, a Radio/Live webcast portal.
Read on only if you answer in YES to the following : Are you a natural rebel? Naturally destructive? Did you break open your home’s television/radio/stereo at 6 just to see how can so many people/voices sit inside a small box ? Ever felt that
The movie is meant purely for rebellious folks. Those who'v lived in sophistication of shelves all their life, will never be able to relate to it. (To each his own).Inspired by Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrison... "The Doors"... and they are not
Airport was big - took a long (yawn) walk to reach the mile long Immigration check line.  Stamped : 14th September 2011 Heathrow.I confess that I'd have felt so lost in UK, if not for my sister. Took the underground metro (tube) which was so muc
Platform Number 6 : Feast of friends...moments of desperate laughter...pseudo intellectual light from the guard bogie...good byes...A couple screamed at me - "Pull the chain" ...agony in their eyes - I remember the feeling of m
Same song - 3 versions, recorded raw(amateur) at 2 am (hence a little hush )   Kiss by Prateek Khare Original Track Kiss-reverb by Prateek Khare Some reverb in lead Kiss - Reverb - Auditorium by Prateek Khare Reverb - Auditorium Eff
Alright, this one is about Life After Death........Kidding, don't freak out ! December - Mumbai - Grant Road - Marine Drive - Moon Dance ! ......... "poetic"Finished reading Dan Brown's "The lost symbol" (finally) and hence my cryptic mind wande
Completely delighted with the Guardian covering the Business: Designed event.Read about it hereA
Business: Designed was created to help solve the lack of entrepreneurship / business training in design courses.I have met talked to many people from industry and education about this problem and some agree, some disagree and some don’t seem to car