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We need a version control for stuff! It would be great to take this project forward and make it more of a collaborative effort. For that we really need the 3d equivalent of Git Hub or something. Nothing like that currently exists, although there a
To get a better understanding of the way that the product will look with hole along the bend. this idea to behind having the hole is to enforces the idea that the bend is to showing the tick of flash when getting stitched to getting after a cut. 
(of a person) Thrust a knife or other pointed weapon into (someone) so as to wound or kill: “he stabbed him” My points to make stabbing penetrating at a close range Purposeful action Perpendicular to the body happy by gangs or in prisons
victims of knife crime suffer for arrange of different injures. this can be psychological to physical, these injury go from scars, paralysis and lose of limbs. the physical injures are the more promet reminders to the victims and other people. the s
Knife crime is any crime that involves a knife – regardless of whether the knife is used to injure someone. A person can be found guilty of knife crime if they: Carry a knife – carrying alone could mean that the individual could face up to 4 y
model five. here has tried to have intivigal fork but with this have wecked the ends. as well  have place the holes to close together at along the bend which as resulted in the aluminium breaking. i will have to watch out out the locash of the hole
Hello guys! For any of you that follow my blog and website antics could you follow me on Twitter. @karenkerrdesign    
playing with what the aluminium would liking like with a bend in it. the way that the light comes through the holes leave an interesting shadow on to the table. 
The beginning of this project was based on making a product that would have no defined use. i decided to so this because of seeing people using product is different ways for the designed use of the item, for example a knife being used as a screw driv
This was a nice screenprint at D&AD New Blood 2012. Can’t remember where it was from. If anyone knows inform me. I want to say it was Southampton Solent as it says Solent and Sons? Maybe. I saw it on a review but can’t find it now! Google could
came across this lastnight and my tiny mind was blown